Business Activities

Architecture, Acoustics and Antenna TowersResponding Effectively to Special Demands for Broadcasting Architecture

Multiple engineering services for architecture, acoustics and antenna towers based on rich experience in broadcasting engineering.

detail/01 Broadcasting station building and transmitting station building
Design, construction, supervision, maintenance and other related engineering services for broadcasting station buildings and transmitting station buildings.
detail/02 Power supply and electrical installations,
air-conditioning, water supply, and drainage systems
Renewal of ancillary equipment and facilities for broadcasting buildings such as power supplies, electrical installations, air-conditioning systems, water supply and drainage systems, etc.
detail/03 Multipurpose hall and studio
Acoustic design and commissioning for multipurpose halls such as concert halls, theaters, and conference centers; total engineering services for studios (planning, design, new construction or renovation, etc.).
detail/04 Research and examination of the structural strength
and earthquake resistance of existing broadcasting buildings
Examination of the structural strength of existing broadcasting buildings to assess earthquake resistance and draw up plans for structural reinforcement when necessary.
detail/05 Antenna Towers
  • Design and construction of broadcasting antenna towers, including inexpensive self-supporting truss towers.

Transmission Station & Antenna Tower

Acoustic Design of Concert Hall

Announcement Booth in a Radio Station

Power Supply System