Business Activities

Broadcasting NetworkRealizing an Optimal Broadcasting Network System

NHK ITEC will create an optimal service area and optimal network efficiency by integrating solutions for all processes from design and construction to operation and maintenance.

detail/01 Constructing a Broadcasting Network
  • Constructing main/relay transmitting stations
  • Creating optimal service areas and efficient networks
  • Constructing very-low-power digital TV relay stations
  • Surveying and analyzing the propagation characteristics of
      various broadcasting radio waves

Installation of a parabolic antenna

detail/02 24/7 Maintenance for Transmitting Stations
  • Periodic maintenance and emergency maintenance at times of
      disaster or failure
  • A nationwide centralized monitoring system

Dispatching Engineers to a
Relay Station during an Emergency

detail/03 Renovating the Existing Systems of Transmitting Stations
  • Renewing of existing equipment at TV and AM/FM radio relay
      transmitting stations

Inspection at radio broadcast station

detail/04 Community Broadcasting Station, Event Broadcasting Station
  • Offering network techniques all over the country

Maintenance of Transmitting Antennas

Constructing a Relay Station

Maintenance of a Digital TV Transmitter