Business Activities

Development of Products and SystemsDeveloping advanced technology for an information-oriented society

In order to develop an information-oriented society, we work toward various technological developments in the fields of broadcasting and information networks, and we are constantly seeking new ways to contribute to Japan and the rest of the world.

detail/01 8K Super Hi-Vision Device
Optical Interface Unit, Routing Switcher, Signal Generator, etc.
detail/02 Digital Signage System
Digital signage system with a compact display device capable of displaying any text (NHK news, emergency earthquake bulletins, tsunami warning/caution, etc.) through the Internet. Compatible in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean.
detail/03 Passive Relay Optical Transmission System
A passive relay device that can optically modulate received broadcast waves and transmit them to transmission points in terrestrial broadcasting networks. By keeping the interval between receiver and the transmitter apart at the relay transmitting station, we can suppress the wraparound of radio waves and construct highly reliable broadcasting relay networks.

Transmission Device

Receiving Device (Rack Mount Type)

Receiving Device (Pole Mount Type)

detail/04 Statutory Recording Device
Article 5 of the Broadcast Law in Japan stipulates that broadcasters must preserve all broadcast content continuously for three months after broadcast. We developed a statutory recording device enabling the preservation of up to two transport stream signals including video, audio, data, and EPG.
detail/05 Mobile Wireless Transmission System
By developing an encoder with a control function linked to fluctuating transmission rates in the 5 GHz band Wi-Fi network, we have developed a stable wireless transmission tool using OB-VANs, etc. at low cost.(Jointly developed with Explore Inc. through joint reserch with NHK Science & Technology Reserch Laburatory.)