Business Activities

Information and Communication NetworkAdvanced Information Infrastructure for Disaster Prevention

NHK ITEC will be constructing an information network capable of providing information on diverse topics.

detail/01 Temporary Disaster FM Station
  • A temporary FM broadcasting station to soften the physiological stresses suffered by the victims of disasters such as storms, heavy rains, floods, earthquakes, or large-scale fires.

Temporary Disaster FM Station in Kumamoto

detail/02 One-Segment Broadcasting in Limited Area Systems
A digital terrestrial broadcasting system for independent television broadcasting to mobile terminals in limited areas such as campuses, stadiums, shopping malls, etc.
detail/03 Disaster Prevention Information Station
  • A system that functions as a Wi-Fi hotspot in normal times, and automatically switches to offline disaster information displays to provide information on nearby emergency evacuation sites,etc. when disconnection from the Internet is detected.

Disaster Prevention Information Station

detail/04 ACSES: Automatic Content Selector by Earthquake early warning Signal
A system that detects earthquake early warning (EEW) signals broadcast by NHK FM radio (in response to EEW announcements by the Japan Meteorological Agency) and automatically switches from the current programming broadcast to disaster information announcement.
detail/05 Digital Signage System
A signage system to display NHK real-time news, disaster information, and various other character content when a disaster occurs.