Business Activities

Improving the Broadcasting-Receiving EnvironmentHigh-quality Reception of all types of Broadcasting Waves

NHK ITEC applies the very latest technologies through all stages of work with customers, from technical consulution and design to construction and maintenance.

detail/01 Technical Consultation for Broadcasting Receiving Environment
  • Prediction/simulation and fact-finding site surveys of radio
      wave interference caused by frequency overlaps, urban
      development, etc.
  • Selection survey of receiving points for CATV network, gap
      fillers, etc.

Measurement of electric field strengyh for TV radio waves

detail/02 TV Receiving System
  • Optimal receiving systems for BS, CS, and digital terrestrial
      broadcasting integrating failsafe countermeasures against
  • Optimal receiving systems inside buildings such as offices,
      apartment houses, schools, hospitals, and hotels.
  • Gap filler ISDB-T system for filling areas not directly reached by
      digital terrestrial broadcasting signals.
  • AM/FM radio re-transmission system for enclosed places such
      as tunnels, underground shopping malls, etc.

Transmitting Point for a Gap Filler System

detail/03 Role of the receiving network

Transmission Tower “Tokyo Skytree”

Radio Interference Prevention caused by Bullet Train "Shinkansen"

Measurement of radio wave environment at Tokyo SkyTree