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Worldwide Engineering ServicesContributing to the Development of Broadcasting Services All Over the World

NHK ITEC is branching out into wide-ranging consultancy services in Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Latin America through Official Development Assistance (ODA) and United Nations (UN) Assistance.

detail/01 About overseas consultant service
1. Basic design study

We undertake outsourcing from JICA (International Cooperation Organization), investigate the current situation in developing countries, and conduct basic design on necessary assistance contents.

Television broadcasting station construction preparation survey

Schematic design drawing

2. Detailed design・Bidding support

After obtaining the approval of the Government of Japan on the contents of the report of the basic design study, we will carry out detailed design and coordinate bidding work while coordinating with the government agencies (broadcasting stations etc.) of the partner country.

Equipment maintenance plan detailed design consultation

Vietnam National Television Broadcasting Center completed projection

3. Construction management

We will monitor the construction work on the site, installation of broadcasting equipment and so on and supervise to ensure adequate quality according to the design books.

Television broadcasting station construction

Studio equipment construction

4. Completion・Delivery・
Follow up

Under the approval of JICA and the governments of both countries, we will deliver the completed broadcasting facilities to the owner. We will continue follow-up broadcasting service even after completion.

Vietnam National TV Broadcast Center Completed Photo

Signing minutes

Countries and Projects - NHK ITEC has worked for
detail/03 Achievements in overseas operations

Vietnam National TV Broadcasting Station

Vietnam National Television Broadcasting Station / News Studio

Afghanistan National Television Broadcasting Station / Transmitter

Lao National TV Broadcaster / Bureau

Tanzania State Radio Broadcasting Station
/ Mid-wave Transmitting Antenna

Tanzania State Radio Broadcasting Station
/ Mid-wave Transmitting Station

Papua New Guinea National Radio Station
/ Studio

Cuba · Havana City History Office Cultural Center / Exhibition audiovisual equipment

Cuba · Havana City History Office Cultural Center / Touch Panel · Display System