Message from President and CEO
The Japanese broadcasting industry is on the cusp of a major turning point: 4K and 8K broadcasting will begin in 2018, the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020 will be broadcast in 4K/8K, use of the internet continues to expand, and mobile terminals have rapidly become the norm.

NHK Integrated Technology (NHK ITEC) has transformed into the kind of streamlined, robust organization needed to respond flexibly to the changing times. We will continue to demonstrate our excellent technological capacity and outstanding business management abilities, and drill down on compliance as a member of the NHK Group.

Since our establishment in 1969, our upgrading and maintenance of broadcasting facilities, communal facilities and more has served as a foundation for the maintenance and development of NHK broadcasting, and we have engaged in radio and cable television broadcasting operations as well as radio wave interference countermeasures. In addition, we have used our experience as a comprehensive technology company in the broadcasting field to build a disaster risk reduction information system and make other contributions to the progress and development of a new information-oriented society.

We intend to continue our commitment to ensuring the stability of NHK broadcasting by leveraging our distinct know-how and our experience with various disaster response, and also to devote full energy to supporting the development of the entire broadcasting industry and the formation of a prosperous information-oriented society.